How much of your life have you spent (wasted?) trying to be normal? I constructed my life around the mythical land of Normal, but someone has different plans for me. Last year we were told our son wasn't 'normal', so now we're packing up old prejudices, our preconceived notions and unrealistic expectations, and we're moving out of Normal to a different... possibly better neighbourhood.

You too will find yourself, no matter who you are, joining me in this place where the only true measure of normal is which kind of weird you are. This blog will explore a journey most of us will take at some point: letting go of preconceptions about ‘normal’, peeling our fingers off the image we had of what our lives ‘should’ look like, and having the courage to re-imagine the piece of time we are given in this world.

You are now leaving Normal.

"A nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there!"

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Different Enough

I've got a new post up at HLW3B: thoughts on how Asperger's and SPD can be the best and worst of both worlds for kids. Expressed a little differently than usual... click here to read it.


  1. It's beautiful, just beautiful.

  2. Loved your poem. I have two with invisible disabilities (well, except when they're very visible during a bipolar rage...) and I know what you mean about the struggle we face as moms to help our little ones.

    I love what you're doing here.... and even though I'm often more of a lurker than a commenter, I gave you an award! Check it out on my site!

  3. After reading the opening of you blog and your "About Me", I knew I had to follow you. I, too, have a child with autism (and have raised "annoying" teens). I think we can benifit from each other's experiences through blogging and hope you'll check out my site.